Summer Esperanto Study 2020

Kroměříž, Czech Republic, July 18th to 26th, 2020


Esperanto classes will be led by experienced Esperanto teachers with abundant international experience.


For more information about the different levels, have a look here at the website of ILEI or this Wikipedia article.

Christophe Chazarein
Christophe Chazarein
Level A2
Arina Osipova
Arina Osipova
Level B1
Szabolcs Szilva
Szabolcs Szilva
Level B2

Esperanto literature and culture

Through Esperanto one can not only love, argue, meet new people and forget the accusative, but also create literature. Ever since Zamenhof's time, the language has been used in every literary endeavor, from poetry, novels and short stories to song lyrics. Come to our course to learn more about Esperanto literature and we will show you how to write fantastic (or maybe just good) poetry!

Depending on the participants and their wishes, we will cover various topics such as:

Oleg Ĉajka
Oleg Ĉajka (Oĉjo)

Oleg Ĉajka, also known as Oĉjo, is a Russian and Ukranian esperantist: poet, singer, translator, teacher. He was born in 1973 and has lived in Moscow since 1995. He learned Esperanto on his own in 1987. In 1989 he started to write and translate poems and songs. He sings his own (but not only his own) songs. His work has appeared in various Esperanto periodicals and volumes of poetry. He is a laureate of a number of art festivals EoLA.

He has taught Esperanto and helped to organise many Esperanto meetings. He has been active in SEJM, REJM and TEJO. He has been an active member of EK MASI, the youth club in Moscow, since its beginning in 1995.

Since 2006, he has run a courier business which he founded, with the Esperanto name "Kontakto", and since 2017 he has run, together with Arina Osipova, the translation company "Lingvo Connect" in Moscow.