Summer Esperanto Study 2020

Kroměříž, Czech Republic, July 18th to 26th, 2020


The SES days will look like this:

This year, alongside the usual Esperanto classes, there will be a hackathon with the name Somera Esperanto-Programado (SEP). Further information is available in the dedicated website for SEP.

Full-day excursions will take place on Wednesday: No courses nor afternoon programme will take place on this day.

For a better overview, see the "detailed timetable" for SES. We will fill it in little by little as details about concerts and other events are confirmed.

Cultural program


National Evening

Information coming soon.



Kaŝi (real name: Carsten Schnathorst) is a German musician and Esperantist. He comes from Osnabrück and lives in Hamburg. There, he plays in the band The living Music Box. Carsten sings and plays the piano. His repertoire includes songs of his own as well as well-known songs from all over the world.

During SES, he will delight the hearts of all listeners with his mix of Esperanto songs of his own, popular international music, and other well-known Esperanto songs which he sings with his remarkable voice.

Mikaelo Bronŝtejn: Kirlanta sorto

Mikaelo Bronŝtejn

My dears! Out of the hundreds of songs and poems that fate has given me over... I daren't even admit how many decades I've been writing for! – I've selected a dozen or so to make an hour-long programme which will hopefully entertain you more than it bores you. Some of the choices may well be known to you, others probably not; but I do hope that you will listen and enjoy them all. Yours, Mikael.

International culinary festival

International culinary festival

Are you interested in the cultures of the world? You will have a chance get toknow the flavours of other countries. During the international culinary festival, you will be able to taste specialties from various countries. For a successful festival, every participant is asked bring something from their country (snacks, candies, cakes, biscuits, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, etc.).

Famous or unusual things (or both) that you cannot find abroad would be ideal. Every country will have a table to present its delicacies and the room will turn into a market abundant in flavours.

International evening

Can you sing, dance, juggle or perhaps possess a different talent you'd like to present to others? Would you like to present a song or a poem from your country? Do not hesitate and take part in the international evening! During which we will be able to enjoy the flamboyancy of cultures and talents of the participants of SES.

International evening

Quiz about music and languages

Do you know what Finnish, Serbian or Korean sound like? Can you easily distinguish between various languages? Test your ability to recognise languages of various songs! There are prizes for the most expert linguists.


Dance nights and international music from various musicians await you during the whole week. You'll have a chance to spend the remaining of your energy (if you have any left after the day!) in the dance hall, right next to the bar. Those wanting to dance and have fun, please definitely come and make the SES night life more joyful.


Every evening, films will be shown, either with Esperanto subtitles or dubbed into Esperanto. There will be various kinds of films awaiting you – fairy tales, documentaries, comedies, science fiction. A detailed program of the films to be shown will be on display during the event.

Book service

Book service
Source: Wikimedia Commons

During the entire SES, there will be, once again, a book stall with a wide range of offers. In it, you will have the unique ability to purchase a variety of Esperanto goods: books, CDs, DVDs, T-shirts, buttons, and stickers, all at very reasonable prices. Take advantage of this opportunity to enrich your Esperanto collection and visit the book stall!


Mini-courses and workshops

A calm afternoon program
A more sports oriented program

Note 1: There is no special program for children. Parents who want to come with their small children and who want a separate program for them, please contact the organizers about possibilities for hiring a babysitter.

Note 2: The above-mentioned program is provisional. A more detailed SES program will be sent to registered participants before the event.