Summer Esperanto Study 2020

Kroměříž, Czech Republic, July 18th to 26th, 2020


115 people have already registered for Summer Esperanto Study 2020.

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Sending the invitation letter costs €35 (€3 for participants from Russia and Ukraine). Don't forget to send a scanned copy of your passport to


The event starts on 18/07/2020 and ends on 26/07/2020. It is possible to arrive a day earlier if you prefer, but meals will not be provided until the first official day of the event.


See the Location page for more information about accommodation options in the student blocks.


This information is useful for the organisers to plan the classes. Just before the event you will receive a test by email to test your level and to help to put you into a suitable group. (See explanation about the different levels.)

Details about excursions are not yet available (but don't worry, they will certainly be happening). When we have finalised the details, all participants will be informed and you will be able to sign up to the excursions at that time.
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  • Basic fee:: 0 €.
  • Signing up before 31/01/2020: €0
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  • Signing up after 30/04/2020: €0
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  • Signing up after 30/06/2020: €0
  • Signing up at the event itself: €0
  • "Green discount": €0
  • Students under the age of 26 and retirees above the age of 62 get a discount: 0 EUR.
  • Staying in the 2nd student block: €0.
  • 2 bed room: 0 €.
  • One person alone in a room: 0 €.
  • Extra night: €0.

The donated sum will be used to invite participants who could not otherwise pay for themselves and/or to invite interesting or important lecturers to enrich the program of the event. The organizers of SES thank you in advance for your donations!


You don't necessarily have to pay the whole fee immediately (you can pay the rest once you arrive), but you have to pay at least €50 in order for your registration to be accepted.

For more information about payment please visit the Payment page.

The price calculated here is valid until 30/04/2020. If you don't pay until after that date, the price could increase (see Fees).

If you need an invoice, please contact within 48 hours of signing up.

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