Summer Esperanto Study 2018

Liptovský Mikuláš (Slovakia), July 14th to 22nd, 2018


All excursions must be paid for individually – it is possible to reserve your place on an excursion up until 30/06/2018. If you sign up for an excursion later, we will not be able to guarantee a free place.

Half-day excursions

A discovery tour through the town

(8 EUR, 15/07/2018)

Information coming soon.

High Tatras

Popradské pleso
Source: Wikimedia Commons

(15 EUR, 16/07/2018)

The High Tatras (in Slovak, Vysoké Tatry) is the highest mountain range of Slovakia and Poland. The Tatra National Park is located in the northwestern part of eastern Slovakia, at the Polish border. Today, the Tatras are the smallest range of high mountains in the world, covering an area of just 260 km². They were formed from an extremely high reliefs as a result of glacial activity. From the point of view of tourism in Slovakia, the Tatras are the most important mountain range. The settlement Štrbské Pleso by the lake Štrbské pleso has become an important sports centre with graded ski slopes and ski jumps.

This excursion will be relatively easy, without any torturous mountain climbing, and there will be beautiful views of nearby mountains. Still, we recommend bringing along comfortable shoes and be prepared for a hike of about 10–13 km (6–8 mi). The route will take us from the lake Štrbské pleso to the lake Popradské pleso, with a stop at a symbolic graveyard (a memorial to tourists who lost their lives in the Tatras).

Štrbské pleso is a beautiful mountain lake of glacial origin in the High Tatras. At its shore lies a settlement by the name of Štrbské Pleso. The lake is covered in ice approximately 155 days every year. Around the lake, there are several hotels and touristical shops.

Panoramic view of Štrbské pleso
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Pribylina - open-air museum

(12 EUR, 17/07/2018)

Information coming soon.

Demänovská Ice Cave

(22 EUR, 20/07/2018)

Demänovská Ice Cave
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The ice cavern Demänovská belongs to a vast system of caves in Low Tatras, out of which two are open to public. Several species of bats live there and bear bones have been found inside. The visit will take 45 minutes, during which we will go through numerous grand rooms and small corridors. You will then be able to find out more about the creation of caverns and admire interesting geological formations, including the most unique aspect of this very cavern: big and beautiful stalactites. Do not forget to put on warm clothes as the temperature within the cave is between 0.4-3°C even in summer.

Full-day excursions

Mount Poludnica

(10 EUR, 18/07/2018)

The mountain Poludnica (1,549 m above the sea level) is located in Low Tatras several kilometers from Liptovský Mikuláš. Local Esperantists climb the mountain each winter and leaving behind stones from diverse parts of the world, which they collected on their travels.

This excursion will satisfy those of you who prefer active holidays: We will climb up 900 m in approximately 3 hours. Good shoes are a must. During the ascent, you will have the chance to admire the nature of Tatras and once on the top, the view of Liptovský Mikuláš and a valley between low and east Tatras.

This panorama awaits you at the top of Poludnica (no snow though, understandably)

Spiš Castle and Poprad

(29 EUR, 18/07/2018)

The Spiš fortress (Slovak Spišský hrad) is a castle ruin from the 11th century, which stands tall above the village Spišské Podhradie. Its outside wall protects 41,426m² hence making the complex one of the biggest in Europe. The Spiš fortress, together with the monuments of nearby towns, belongs to the world heritage of UNESCO since 1993.

Spišský hrad
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Poprad: Information coming soon.

Bus to the lake Liptovská mara / Tatralandia

(10 EUR, 18/07/2018)

Would you prefer to rest instead of going to the sport excursion? Not a problem! The bus will take you to the lake of Liptovská Mara, where you can sunbathe (get some bronze!) and swim.

You will also be able to visit the nearby aqua-park Tatralandia, which has all sorts of pools, slides and saunas... You will have to buy the tickets yourself, price-list can be found at the website of Tatralandia.