Summer Esperanto Study 2018

Liptovský Mikuláš (Slovakia), July 14th to 22nd, 2018


201 people have already registered for Summer Esperanto Study 2018.

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Sending the invitation letter costs €35 (€3 for participants from Russia and Ukraine). Don't forget to send a scanned copy of your passport to


The event starts on 14/07/2018 and ends on 22/07/2018. It is possible to come a day before or leave a day after the event, but meals for those days aren't provided.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a free bed if you want to sleep in a room at the SES venue. Please choose another option. If you really would like to sleep in a room, please write it in the remarks and we will inform you as soon as there is an available spot.
Meals I want

Date Excursion Note Price Join
15/07/2018 Half-day 8 €
16/07/2018 Half-day 15 €
17/07/2018 Half-day 12 €
18/07/2018 Full-day 10 €
18/07/2018 Full-day 10 €
18/07/2018 Full-day 29 €
20/07/2018 Half-day 22 €

For further details, check the Excursions page.

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Registration date A countries B countries C countries
until 28/02/2018 55 40 25
until 30/04/2018 65 50 35
until 30/06/2018 75 60 45
after 30/06/2018 100 85 70

The donated sum will be used to invite participants who could not otherwise pay for themselves and/or to invite interesting or important lecturers to enrich the program of the event. The organizers of SES thank you in advance for your donations!


You don't necessarily have to pay the whole fee immediately (you can pay the rest once you arrive), but you have to pay at least €40 in order for your registration to be accepted.

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