Summer Esperanto Study 2019

Nitra, Slovakia, July 12th to 20th, 2019


SES town

Nitra, with 77 048 residents (2017), is the sixth biggest city in Slovakia. It's situated at the foot of the Zobor mountain in the western part of the country, 90 km from the capital Bratislava. It is easy to reach Nitra by bus (for more information go to the page on how to get to SES).

Nitra is the oldest city in Slovakia: the first written mention of this city returns to the year 828. There are plenty of historical monuments in this city. The main attraction is the castle, which can be found in an area with many interesting buildings: a museum, churches, statues, etc. Other important attractions include the main square with a theatre, the synagogue and the Calvary Hill, from which the view of the city is quite lovely. For an even higher viewing point, those who are inclined to put in some exercise can climb the Zobor mountain and enjoy a view of the whole surroundings.

SES venue

SES will take place in one building. Classrooms and dining-hall are situated on the lower floors and bedrooms on the upper floors. There are lifts in the building. The dormitory has several study and lecture rooms and a large saloon for the evening program. Tea lounge and bar open up in the evening. The dorms have free WiFi.

In the student residence one will find a small kitchen for the self-providers. There's a washing machine and dryer at one's disposal. There's a bar in the student residence where one can buy snacks, drinks and sandwiches.

The participants will be accommodated in double and triple bedrooms of the student dormitory. There are enough bedrooms for 235 people at most. Pairs of rooms share a shower and a lavatory. If you’d like to live alone, mark it in the registration form (you have to pay an additional fee for it, please see fees). Besides, it is possible to live in a tent as well, in case you have your own one.

Note: The dormitory offers “ordinary” (basic) conditions for your overnight stay, so don't expect a great deal of luxury. However, if you wish to stay in a more upscale lodging, please contact us about your preference — we will try to help you. You can also contact local hotels or boarding houses directly.


Stredná odborná škola veterinárna
Drážovská 14
950 12 Nitra


Please note: DO NOT contact the building staff about anything event-related, contact the event organizers instead (visit the page Contact)!