Summer Esperanto Study 2019

Nitra, Slovakia, July 12th to 20th, 2019
The English translation is 89% complete. All up-to-date information can be found in the Esperanto version of the website as well as .

Methods of payment

Vi povas pagi por la aranĝo per iu el la jenaj manieroj. Se eblas, ni preferas ĝiron al bankokonto.

  1. Se vi havas bankokonton en eŭroj, pagu per ĝiro al la konto de E@I en Slovakio:

    Account name: EAI
    IBAN: SK7552000000000008887398

    Bank address:

    OTP Banka Slovensko, a.s.
    Februárová 152/1
    SK-958 01 Partizánske

  2. If your bank account is not in euros, consider using TransferWise to avoid high transfer cost.
  3. Se vi ne povas pagi per bankĝiro, vi povas pagi per PayPal al Note: When paying by PayPal for a product or service, it takes an additional commission (usually around 3,4 % + 0,35 EUR).
  4. If you know the UEA payment system, you can use it to pay into the account of E@I ecxi-v. Please email the request to UEA Central Office with a copy to us at Be aware that payments by this method can take weeks to be actioned.

Note 1: If you use a foreign bank account to transfer money to the account in Slovakia, please arrange your transfer such that you, the sender, will pay the transfer cost (otherwise, you will need to pay us the transfer cost at the event, since it will have been deducted from the money that we received)

Note 2: When sending money, please write “SES 2019 + your name” in the field “Message for recipient”.

Note 3: Please be aware that your registration will become valid only after you have paid at least 50 euro for the event. You are, of course, welcome to pay in a lump sum. You may pay using one of the payment method described.