Summer Esperanto Study 2019

Nitra, Slovakia, July 12th to 20th, 2019


Registration Costs

The cost of registration will cover only a part of the cost of the event's programming. The remaining part of the program costs will be covered by support from other sources.

To find out how much it will cost to sign up, just fill in the enrolment form: it will automatically calculate your fee depending on the information you give.

Country categories:

A countries B countries C countries
Program + 3 bed room + Meals 270 € 240 € 210 €
Program + 3 bed room 180 € 150 € 120 €
Program + Own tent or a car + Meals 210 € 180 € 150 €
Program + Own tent or a car 115 € 95 € 75 €
Just the program 100 € 80 € 60 €


  • Signing up before 28/02/2019: €-10
  • Students under the age of 26 and retirees above the age of 62 get a discount: -10 EUR.
  • "Green discount" (see under Food for details): €-10

Additional costs:

  • 2 bed room: +20 €.
  • One person alone in a room: +80 €.
  • Signing up after 30/04/2019: €+10
  • Signing up after 27/06/2019: €+35
  • Signing up at the event itself: €+45

Children and teenagers

For participants under 18 years old there are special prices:

Children and teenagers from 6 to 17 years old (3 bed room + Meals) 200 €
Children up to 5 years old (with a bed in a three-bed room + Meals) 170 €
Children up to 5 years old (with a bed in a three-bed room) 80 €
Children up to 5 years old (without a separate bed) 0 €

Additional costs:



Three meals a day are provided. You can choose from three different kinds of meals: with meat, vegetarian, vegan. The meals begin with dinner on 12/07/2019 (or on your arrival day, if you arrive after the beginning) and ends with breakfast on 20/07/2019 (or on your departure day, if you leave early). If you have any other preferences, please contact us!

During SES, there will be a so-called “green discount” (verda rabato). If you choose to eat meals without meat during SES (that is, if you choose either the vegetarian or the vegan meal option), you will pay €10 less for the event. Thank you for your understanding! Of course, we would be happy if you chose the less expensive option, which does not result in needless slaughtering of animals and even saves you money. Perhaps you will also learn to appreciate this way of eating and would like to continue the habit even afterwards. ☺

You can change your meal preference at any time until 08/07/2019. Please inform the organizers in advance if you have any special needs or requirements.




All excursions must be paid for individually – it is possible to reserve your place on an excursion up until 30/06/2019. If you sign up for an excursion later, we will not be able to guarantee a free place.

Letter of Invitation

If you need to receive a letter of invitation to acquire a visa for Slovakia, that costs € 35. (Except for visitors from Russia and Ukraine. For those countries, the letters of invitation cost only € 3.) For people from Russia and Ukraine, there is also a good chance of receiving a free visa.

Note: Letters of invitation must be approved by the police department, there the fee is paid. Letters of invitation for the event must be sent before 15/06/2019. If you need a visa, please sign up before then. To receive a letter of invitation, please fill out the necessary fields in the registration form. In addition, please send a photocopy of a valid passport (the page with the photo and dates of validity) to, to be added to the invitation letter for the police.

Our consulate will request that individual embassies give free visas to SES participants. That means that you may not have to pay for the visa in the consulate, but we CANNOT guarantee this. The visas will hopefully be processed more quickly than usual.

Additional services free of charge

During SES, you will be able to use many services free of charge. For the whole week, the following resources (and others) will be at your disposal: