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Methods of payment

You can pay for the event using the following methods:

  • PayPal account - to the e-mail address
  • E@I's UEA account ecxi-v

    Note: If you pay using your UEA account, in addition to the message you send to the UEA office, please copy the transfer message to us as well (at the address

  • by bank account
    • E@I's bank account (in EUR) in Slovakia:
      Account name: EAI
      IBAN: SK7552000000000008887398

      Bank address:
      OTP Banka Slovensko, a.s.
      Nám SNP 212/4
      SK-958 01 Partizánske

      Note: If you use a foreign bank account to transfer money to the account in Slovakia, please arrange your transfer such that you, the sender, will pay the transfer cost (otherwise, you will need to pay us the transfer cost at the event, since it will have been deducted from the money that we received)

    • Payments from Russia:
      Account number: 6761 9600 0224 211426 (Sberbank)
      It is possible to send money at a bank branch office, using Sperbank-Online, or via an ATM or bank terminal. This describes all available means of payment in detail.: (RU)
      This account only accepts the following currency: RUB
      Current echange rate for the event: 1 EUR = 45 RUB

Note 1: When sending money, please write “SES 2014 RU” in the field “Message for recipient”.

Note 2: Please be aware that your registration will become valid only after you have paid (at least) the event registration fee. You are, of course, welcome to pay the entire sum up front. You may pay using one of the payment method described.

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