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Getting there

Timetable: (If you do not understand Slovak, at the bottom, you can change the language to English or German)

From Vienna

From Vienna airport (VIE), there are frequent busses (hourly) to Bratislava. The trip takes 1 hour. You can get off at the Bratislava airport ("Bratislava,,letisko") or at the main bus station ("Bratislava,,AS MHD"). Please check the route of the bus you choose to see where it will stop in Bratislava.

From: Wien,,Flughafen Wien
To: Bratislava

Public transport in Bratislava

In the capital, you can take local public transport (busses, trams, trolleybusses). You will have to buy a ticket BEFORE entering the vehicle. You can do so at kiosks, at ticket vending machines at stations, or in the building right next to the main train station.

  • from the airport for the train station or vice versa:
    take bus number 61 (Letisko --> Hlavná stanica = Airport --> Main station); the trip takes 25 minutes (buy a 60-minute ticket)
  • from the main bus station to the main train station or vice versa:
    take bus number 210 (Autobusová stanice --> Hlavná stanica = bus station --> train station); the trip takes 10 minutes (buy a 15-minute ticket)

From Bratislava

From Bratislava, take a train or bus directly to Nitra.

From: Bratislava
To: Nitra

In Nitra

The bus and train stations are next to each other (see the map). The journey from there to the SES building is 3 km long.

If you would like to take a taxi, here are several companies:

The Slovak language

A small bit of practical advice: learn some basic vocabulary in Slovak :) E@I created a web site for learning Slovak. You can find a list of the most useful phrases here:

During SES, you will be able to buy an Esperanto booklet entitled "Slovaka konversacio skize" (a sketch of Slovak conversation) at the book service.


There will be a communal voyage by train (a so-called “caravan”) organised coming from Switzerland through Germany and Austria, passing through Neuchâtel, Lindau, Passau, Linz, and Vienna, among other places. If there is sufficient interest, the caravan may also be joined in other German cities or in Strasbourg. This will be a longer but more fun and cheaper way to travel. For more information, write to Luc Allemand:

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