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In addition to instruction and excursions, there will be many other programs offered during SES:

Cultural program

  • Concerts – Confirmed:
    • La Perdita Generacio (Sweden)
    • Asorti (Lithuania)
    • Manŭel (Italy)
    • Johannes Mueller (Germany)
    • ĴeLe (Shenja and Lena Wilke, Germany)
    • Jonny M (Germany)
    • ...more to come later;
  • Dance club;
  • Theatrical play;
  • National evening (with folk music and wine tasting);
  • International evening (you can contribute!);
  • and much more...

You can read a detailed description of the cultural program at: Cultural program

Program for newbies

An additional program is in preparation for beginners, with conversation circles, discussions, and presentations of the Esperanto movement and culture. "Angels" will help out newbies during the event - that is, experienced Esperantists who are ready to help and offer advice.


Mini-courses and workshops

  • Slovak language;
  • Toki Pona;
  • other languages (your contribution would be very welcome!);
  • juggling;
  • learning Esperanto songs.

Sports program

  • There will be a special sports day with contests and prizes;
  • You can also play table tennis, tennis, and badminton, as well as swimming and using a gym;;
  • Visit to a public pool;
  • Geocaching.

Note 1: There is no special program for children. Parents who want to come with their small children and who want a separate program for them, please contact the organizers about possibilities for hiring a babysitter.

Note 2: The above-mentioned program is provisional. A more detailed SES program will be sent to registered participants before the event.

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