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Summer Esperanto Study (SES 2013) took place from the 12th till the 20th of July 2013.
The next SES will take place during the same dates next year: from the 12th till the 20th of July 2014. More information about next year's SES will be available very soon.

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The first review of SES 2013 is out! Read it on the "Balta Ondo" blog or in the paper monthly magazine "La Ondo de Esperanto".


The 7th Summer Esperanto Study has finished. 230 people from 27 countries have participated. Thank you all! The next SES will take place in 2014 again on July 12-20, most probably in Nitra (the place of SES 2012 and 2011). Moreover, organization of similar events in Brasil and Russia is being considered.


On the page Program, a brief calendar was published containing the various program items for all the days of the event.


A tentative schedule of the event is now available.


232 people from 27 countries have already signed up for the event. You can now see them also on a map.


The Slovak rock music singer Peter Bažík and the group S.H.O.P. will also be playing for you during SES - and they have prepared 2 songs ni Esperanto, too! In addition, during the national evening, Mr Sarnovský from Martin will present folk musik, with Slovak folk music in Esperanto.


A newsletter with detailed information for participants has appeared. Please read it carefully; it contains much useful information for the trip to Slovakia and for a pleasant stay there!


SES 2013 will occur under the auspices of Dušan Čaplovič - Slovak minister of Education -, Juraj Blanár - president of the autonomous district of Žilina -, and Andrej Hrnčiar - mayor of the city of Martin.


The city of Martin, where SES 2013 will be taking place, became an official partner of the event.


219 people from 25 countries have already signed up for the event.

The event took place in the historical city of Martin, in northern Slovakia, located 210 km away from the Slovakian capital city of Bratislava, 180 km from Krakow (PL) and 230 km from Budapest, capital of Hungary.

The program will consist of several parts:

  • Morning: teaching of Esperanto;
  • Afternoon: excursions, lectures, crafts, sports, work groups, etc.;
  • Evening: national and international cultural evenings, concerts, films, dancing with DJs...

Teaching of Esperanto will be guided by experienced Esperanto teachers in 5 groups, divided by language level.

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Newsletter SES 2013

Here is a newsletter with detailed information about travel to and the stay at SES 2013. Please choose one of the following three languages to download the newsletter in.
download: Esperanto · Slovenčina · English

Tentative schedule

At this address, you can find a tentative schedule for SES 2013. It's not complete yet; many program items will surely be added to the schedule in the coming days and even during the event itself. Furthermore, the times of individual presentations listed in this schedule may also change.

Caravan to the World Congress of Esperanto (from SES): Details here

A short video about SES 2010:
A long video about SES 2012:

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