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Here are the details for the concerts which have already been confirmed. During SES 2013, the following people and groups will play for and entertain you:

  • La Perdita Generacio (Sweden)
  • Asorti (Lithuania)
  • Manŭel (Italy)
  • Johannes Mueller (Germany)
  • ĴeLe (Shenja and Lena Wilke, Germany)
  • Jonny M (Germany)

La Perdita Generacio (Sweden)

La Perdita Generacio (LPG, "The Lost Generation") is a radical and green band without national boundaries. The group has existed since 1995, but first started singing in Esperanto in 2003 during the IJK, after changes in the makeup of the band and after learning Esperanto. At times fast and ironic, at times gentle and thought-provoking, LPG is evolving its own unique sound at the boundary between world music, pop, and chansons.

The band has already performed in Russia, Sweden, Poland, Estonia, the Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, and Cuba. Their most significant part of their songs is their lyrics, which reflect the band's political activities in Sweden's alternative ecological and Green movement.

Further information

Asorti (Lithuania)

Asorti is a family from Lithuania who make music together. The group has often given concerts at Esperanto meetings, for example, in Latvia, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Slovakia, and Belgium. Their repertoire contains pieces in various styles, and includes both original Esperanto music and translations of well-known, popular songs. Their concert will certainly make you join in with singing and dancing!

The group called “Sepa” (Seventh) has also taken part in this year's Eurovision Song Context with the song:

Manŭel (Italy)

Manual is an electrotechnical engineer. Two years ago, after retiring, he returned to the Esperanto movement and has already published 2 albums ("Duonvoĉe... tutkore" and "Ĉu plu ekzistas Amo?"), with both original and translated songs. The topics of his songs are generally love, friendship, solidarity, or respect for nature and the environment: he believes that the time will come, when all of humanity will form "one big familial round" (to quote the Espernanto hymn La Espero).

Sample of Manŭel's music and an interview with him

Johannes Mueller (Germany)

Concert in the tea room "gufujo" by a singer and pianist, who also writes and composes his own music. Johannes is a scientist by profession but an artist in his heart.

His homepage with music

Video clip with multilingual subtitles

ĴeLe (Shenja and Lena Wilke, Germany)

The duet ĴeLe (Shenja and Lena Wilke) have been performing at Esperanto events since 2009. Their repertoire consists predominantly of lyrical songs which they compose themselves, accompanied by acoustic guitar, piano, violin, and metallophone. In 2010, ĴeLe recorded the CD "Tra la sonĝoj" (Through the Dreams). This year (2013), a new album, "Sentokaoso" (Chaos of Feelings) will appear.

Photograph by Sjoerd Bosga

Jonny M (Germany)

Jonny M is a young reggae singer from Bergisch Gladbach in Germany. His music style has brought many people onto the dance floor ever since his first successful small album "Pli ol espero" (More than Hope) with the famous song "En somero" (During Summer) (2011). In the last year, he has progressed a lot and has co-produced a song for "Hiphopa Kompilo vol. 2". His newest album will be available soon!


Every night, there will be discos with international music in various styles awaiting you. Directly next to the pub, you will be able to expend your remaining energy in the disco, if you have any left after a whole day :) Those of you who like to have fun and dance should definitely come and contribute to a great atmosphere during SES's night life!


Every evening, films will be shown, either with Esperanto subtitles or dubbed into Esperanto. There will be various kinds of films awaiting you - fairy tales, documentaries, comedies, science fiction. You will find a detailed programme of the films shown in the cinema in the SES programme booklet.

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